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Amazon Brylcreem Quiz Contest

Brylcreem Amazon Quiz


Amazon regularly conducts Quiz contests on the Amazon App to promote its services and brands. Today, answer 5 simple questions on the App and win ₹5,000 as Amazon pay balance. No purchase is required to participate in the contest. Tweet using the hashtag #AmazonBrylcreemDay [intense_icon source=”flat-color-icons” type=”sales_performance”]


How to Play:

Step1: Sign in the Amazon App on your mobile or tablet. If you don’t have the App, [intense_icon source=”flat-color-icons” type=”download”]Download it here.

Step2: Scroll down. Click on the banner that says “Quiz Time –  Win ₹5,000” (as shown in the image above).

Step3: Start the contest. Answer all 5 questions correctly (For correct answers scroll below).

Step4: After answering all the answers correctly, you will be greeted with a CONGRATULATIONS message confirming your entry into the lucky draw.

Step5: Tweet with the hashtag #AmazonBrylcreemQuiz [intense_icon source=”flat-color-icons” type=”sales_performance”]

Correct Answers of the Quiz:

Question 1: Which of these celebrities is currently associated with the brand Brylcreem?

Answer: Varun Dhawan

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Question 2: Brylcreem does NOT offer products in which of these following categories?

Answer: Ice creams

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Question 3: Which of these is NOT the name of a popular beard style?

Answer: Mole Patch

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Question 4: Brylcreem Beard Oil is formulated with 3 special oils – Sesame Oil, Olive Oil and ________. Fill in the blanks.

Answer: Almond Oil.

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Question 5: Which of the following is a benefit of using beard oil?

Answer: Hydrates and softens facial hair and the skin beneath.

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That’s it. You have participated in the Amazon BrylCreem Quiz contest. Tweet using the hashtag #AmazonBrylcreemQuiz [intense_icon source=”flat-color-icons” type=”sales_performance”]. WINNERS will be declared by 30th July 2018.


PS: Odds of winning depends on the number of eligible entry received. No purchase is required to participate in the contest.

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